Go-Go is a good monkey

Banana Sunday, #1-4 (of 4); Oni Press, $2.99 each
by Root Nibot & Colleen Coover  

Banana Sunday 

Ok, I read a lot of comics.  Really.  It’s a sickness.  Somebody help me.  Anyway, my point is that a healthy amount of those comics are new books, mostly smaller publishers (well, smaller than the big two of mainstream comicdom), like this book’s publisher, Oni press. My point in saying that is that when I reflect back on the last month or so of comics, it is typical for a lot of books to just go unremembered, or to not stand out in my mind. 

However, a few month’s ago, on nothing more than a whim, I picked up a book called Banana Sunday, which honestly didn’t look like the kind of comic I would normally prefer, from all the independant titles available. But, well, like I said, it’s a sickness, and probably only because I hadn’t reached my weekly spending quota, I picked it up.  And it was FUN.  Fun in the way THB is fun.  So I picked up issue #2.  Again, the title stood out among a long list of titles as one of my favorite reads of the last month.  So, by the time issue #4 comes out, I was anticipating it as much as I was my monthly Y The Last Man fix.  And that’s saying something. 

I guess what I am saying is that this title quickly became one of my favorite reads from a large list of titles, of all types.  It was just FUN.  That’s really the best way I can explain it.  If you have read and enjoy Paul Pope’s THB, perhaps you can understand – although the two titles are not in any way similar as far as genre and/or plot.  Rather, THB always exuded this quality of just sheer enjoyment and pleasure – fun – and Banana Sunday does the same, to a degree that numerous other titles have lacked. A much abridged synopsis of the story is simple: this cute and quarky new-to-town girl, Kirby Steinberg, and her three talking monkeys, just want to fit in at her new school and not be “the girl with the monkeys.”  She makes a new friend, Nickels, and tries to go out on a date with the boy she likes. And that’s it.  I know it sounds simple, but I will refer back to the “three talking monkeys” for questions as to how things get complicated.   

I had grown accustomed to finding good stuff by Oni press, my most favorite being Queen and Country.  Again, they reward the reader for going outside their typical “reading boundaries” and trying something new.  Go-Go is a good monkey, and Banana Sunday is a great title.  Check out the upcoming trade paperback if you can’t find the single issues.  You’ll be glad you did.    


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