Razzle-dazzle Globetrotter Calculus

Bubblegum and the Harlem Globetrotters helping Farnsworth with some razzle dazzle Quantum Calculus.

Well, Radiohead has a new album, Futurama has returned … now if someone will just revive Firefly (just one more season!) and get Swervedriver back together, it would be a perfect world.  Yes, I’m referring to two of the biggest events in geekdom this past year, perhaps longer.  My reactions to In Rainbows (Radiohead’s newest album) will come later this week, as the album’s B-sides are finally starting to come with the box sets they started shipping.  I will say this: despite what you think of the music on the album, what the band did with it was a very, very good thing.  

Futurama: Bender’s Big Score – There must have been something they were pumping in the air at FOX around the time Futurama originally aired; for some reason, they seem to have the uncanny ability to get really, really great shows cancelled.  Firefly, Futurama, WonderfallsFamily GuyArrested Development almost didn’t make it, and strong DVD sales are the only reason Family Guy came back.  At least they seem committed to keeping The Simpsons on the air for as long as they can (which, personally, I wouldn’t mind if it was another 20 years until that happened). 

I’ll talk about Firefly in a later post – and since I mentioned Wonderfalls, let me make a quick aside to plug ABC’s Pushing Daisies, by far the best new show of the past season.  If you liked Wonderfalls, you’ll love PD; both were created by Bryan Fuller (who also did Dead Like Me).  Watch it, watch it, watch it!  The premise is … well, it’s ridiculous, so I won’t go into it – but one of the thing that makes it work is how easily they pull it off.  It reminds me of a modern day Twin Peaks, made by a happier, more romantic David Lynch – instead of people being posessed by a kill-thirsty demon named Bob, in Pushing Daisies people fall in love.  That will make more sense after you’ve seen it, I promise.    

Anyway, back to my point.  Futurama is a great show, cancelled much too early.  I have to applaud FOX for finally reconciling the error, as well as the creative team of the show for its ability to keep the new material completely “in synch” with the old show.  The humor is spot on with the feel of the show, and the ways they take advantage of producing for film/DVD (instead of television) aren’t intrusive and seem to been have used with care.  The DVD is worth buying – not only does it have the movie (I think it will be aired as 4 separate episodes, each at about 22 minutes), but it also has a great Hypnotoad episode, commentary with Groening, Cohen, etc., and even a lecture on Math!  Yep, I promise!


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