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Ok, I know I’ve written a lot about television lately, so after this post I’m going to try and scale back, but I’ve been wanting to post about a few somewhat related things, and I might as well do it now.  First is a plug for a Web site which I hope will continue to develop and end up being excellent (it is still in its infancy stages, of sorts, but I have hopes for lots more to come):  It is the newly launched website of TV critic David Bianculli, who you might have heard on NPR’s Fresh Air.  He’s interesting to listen to, and for the most part is spot-on about what is good and what isn’t. 

Second, two quick mentions of what have become some of my favorite comedy shows on television.  Flight of the Conchords: the story of two New Zealanders and their manager, trying (well, sort-of trying) to make it big as a two man novelty band.  What’s really impressive about the show is how easily the pair can emulate and parody such a wide variety of musical styles.  It makes one wonder, after you finish laughing, how hard is being a “rock/rap star” when these guys parody it in a manner that is just as good.  It’s probably not for everyone, but it will make you laugh.

Lastly, a show that has surprisingly become one of my absolute favorite shows, and probably the best comedy on television (which I am hoping gets renewed for a new season): It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  This is one of those shows that I knew would be funny when I saw the commercials, I just never gave it the time to get into it.  Then FX started showing it more regularly and repeating old episodes, so, using the magic of DVR, I recorded them and finally watched.  And I was instantly hooked.  What is great about the show is that none of the characters have any redeeming qualities; they are all despicable, amoral, and the closest any character comes to being “good” is Charlie, who is just likable – more out of pity than anything.  Furthermore, in the wake of shows like South Park – funny as it is – few shows can rarely achieve those “Oh My God I can’t believe they did that” moments, moments that some would call shocking, or crossing a line, or – well … those “they went there” moments.  This show not only is able to overcome that, it does it repeatedly.    I just can’t imagine watching an episode and not rolling with laughter at some point; if you haven’t seen it, seasons one and two are available on DVD now. 

Ok, so enough about the idiot box for now.  I promise to try and post about something other than television soon.  Not now though, I’m about to go watch something.


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