The Pull List – 02/27/08

This week has more to offer than last week, which was pretty slim. For some reason I thought the new Ex Machina was due to ship tomorrow, but it’s not on the list, so I’ll wait to talk about it until later. There is a new issue (#3) of Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 arriving, which is a promising read.  Yes, yes, I know it was the indy book of last year, and yes, I agree its hype was vastly overdone; but it is still a pretty good read.  I really like how non-cute Peterson does that book: instead of happy and cartoonish mice, the title gives us violent, brooding, and even peg-legged mice.  It’s worth picking up. 

The one must-have on tomorrow’s list is actually a reprint (and I’m not sure why they are reprinting it now, but still … ), and is of one of the single best comics being made today – in fact, it’s by the one creator I have original art from (though I really want some Dave Sim art one day). Anyway, the comic I’m speaking of:

opticnerve8 Optic Nerve #8
 by Adrian Tomine
 published by Drawn & Quarterly

Like I said, it’s a reprint, because this issue originally came out a few years back. But if you’ve never read this title, do yourself a favor and pick it up. It is, in my opinion, one of the single best examples as modern literature in the comics medium. He’s been compared to Raymond Carver, and I think it is a fitting comparison. Like most of the issues of Optic Nerve (with the exception of the last 3 issues), these are self-contained stories. Meaning you can pick up any random issue and it doesn’t matter – there aren’t recurring characters or anything. Just really, really great stories. If you like it, pick up Sleepwalk and Other Stories, which collectes issues 1-4, Summer Blonde, which collects issues 5-8, and Shortcomings, which collects 9-11 (his first multi-issue story-arc).  Really, I can’t recommend a comic any higher than this one; just don’t get too antsy for more – he puts them out at a rate of about one per year. Arrgghh. But if you can’t wait, just about anything from the publisher – Drawn and Quarterly – is going to be one of the best comics ever read. Seriously.

There are a few other comics I’m going to pick up tomorrow: Criminal 2, Daredevil, Captain America, All-Star Batman and Robin – wow, that’s a lot of Ed Brubaker. Never a bad thing.


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