The Pull List – 03/05/2008


Echo #1

Following his long running series Strangers In Paradise, Terry Moore’s next book came out this week. It is nothing like SIP, so far; whether or not that is a good or bad thing is up to you. I liked SIP, but I wasn’t crazy about it; that being said, Terry Moore definitely knows how to write a good story and put in it fully developed characters. Echo does not seem like it will be an exception, although it is always hard to tell anything about a comic based on 1 issue, especially the first one. Overall, it’s a good read – even if went by too quickly; however, it doesn’t strike me as the kind of book to attract die-hard faithfuls the way SIP did. It reminds me very much of the Luna Brothers’ work, but not quite as gripping. Perhaps, though, that may be attributed to Moore working on a book long term, versus 10-20 issues. Still, its a decent read, and I’ll give Moore a few more issues until I make a final verdict. Pick it up.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 8
(issue #12)

I finally picked up the back issues of this, and I am really glad I did. If you are not a fan of the show, it probably won’t seem as good as it is; however, if you liked the TV show and followed it, you will really dig this comic. It retains the same quip-driven humor, the great character interaction, and the realistic sympathy and awe old friends like Buffy and a one-eyed Xander could (often surprisingly) evoke in a show about … well, a vampire slayer. But that is exactly why the show worked so well; its best episodes were just as much, if not more, about a girl and her friends dealing with life, rather than vampires and a hellmouth and so forth. The best episodes always had the “monster hunter” aspect as a backdrop, not as an essential narrative element. The comic does the same, and long-time Buffy fans will enjoy the faithful addition to the slayer’s story. As the title suggests, it picks up shortly after the show’s finale; and with creator Whedon himself as head-of-show, you can rest assured it isn’t out to destroy your fond memories of the scoobies. Also good to know is that while it was originally slated to be a small mini-series, I’ve read they have around 50 issues they want to do now! Woohoo!

There were a few other notable items that came out this week: a new issue of Powers and  more New Frontiers stories; I really enjoy Darwyn Cooke’s work with DC characters, they look so right.  And his Wonder Woman is the best.  Anyway, that’s all, skip the rest.


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