The Pull List 3/12/08

Ok, so I missed posting about last week’s comics, so I’m making up for it here. The official excuse is that I got two teeth pulled, but honestly, I was just too busy. Nevertheless, last week had several great comics hitting the shelves. As for this week, the complete list can be found here. I’ve been saying for years that Diamond should release an RSS feed of their shipping lists, it would make everything so easier. Anyway …

MARCH 12, 2008

13617 Abe Sapien: The Drowning #2

Dark Horse is on fire lately, first with their Buffy success, and topped off with Magnolia’s books coming out monthly (or sometimes even more often, as is the case here). I’ve already said it recently, but I don’t mind saying it again: the BPRD titles have been really top-notch reads, perhaps even more so than recent Hellboy, mainly for being easier to just dive in the story without knowing anything or having read previous books. It’s simply great storytelling, captivating characters, and beautiful artwork. The same goes for the other BPRD title of this week, BPRD: 1946, #3. I know I should probably give both of these books more in-depth reviews other than “read! good!” but it is hard to without spoiling anything.

Serenity: Better Days #1

As much as I like to fantasize about a return of Firefly to the big or small screen, I’m going to have to accept it isn’t going to happen. So, does the occasional Serenity mini-series, written by Whedon himself, ease that pain? No, it does not. I don’t know why Buffy can pull off what this comic can’t, which is recreating that same sense of character fluidity and life the television show had. Granted, this may be because we got to see Buffy for six more seasons than we did the crew of Serenity, but still, it simply doesn’t satisfy. Pass on it, or read it and hand it off to someone.

Other notable items of the week: Walking Dead #47; Fantastic Four #555 (more on this later – I like it so far, but need another issue or two to see where Millar and Hitch are going); Punisher #55; Palookaville #19.


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