Presto Magix

presto Anyone else used to play with these when they were younger? I don’t know what initially caused me to remember these, but I was pleasantly surprised to see you could still pick up a few of these on Ebay. I went through these things like crack when I was a kid; you could always find them at the drugstore or some place like that, and an enormous number of hours were spent scratching these things off. I’ve picked up several lately, but I can’t resist the urge to open them and use them. They are totally worth it, though, still just as fun as they used to be. I don’t know why they stopped making these – it would be great if you could still pick up stuff like this outside of auctions. They had other variations, like Letraset, and later on these evolved into Colorforms, but Colorforms just didn’t do the same for me (you know, those ones you could stick and lift, a sort of re-usable version of Presto Magix). I’ve read you can actually make them now, with a transparency sheet through your printer, but I’ve yet to try it. It seems like it has to be possible, though. Anyway, the above sets are what I got this week.


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