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The Pull List: 1/30/08

January 30, 2008

There is a lot of crap that hit the stands today.  Unfortunately, many comic readers will pick up most of it, and, as usual, miss the stuff that was really good.  There wasn’t much worth getting in today’s batch of comics, but there was one that is an absolute can’t miss.  Y The Last Man #60

Y 60Despite being late, the final issue of one of the very best comics in many years delivers all one could hope for.  I will admit, I was just as sad as I was excited to finally read the issue; over the years only a handful of comics have made me anticipate the next issue in the same way Y The Last Man did, such as The Preacher, or The Sandman, to name a few (and there isn’t many more on that list).  I remember reading an interview a few years ago in which Brian K. Vaughn (writer) said he already knew what the last panel on the last page of this issue would be, and now having seen it, I have to say that his execution from issue #1 to now has been masterful.