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Sigh … still searching for the right comic book artist

December 31, 2007

So I’ve been looking for a comic book artist to work with for some time now, with no luck.  I actually got a lot of responses from a craigslist post, but most of them didn’t care that I made it explicitly clear it is not superhero work; another 25% were graphic artists who don’t even read the posts, and just send resumes to any post under the “art” category; the rest just didn’t feel right, after looking at art samples – way too much manga influence in many of them.  So, anyway, I am still looking for someone who would want to work on a project.  The goal would be to get 1-2 issues done and submit it to Drawn and Quarterly, Fantagraphics, and a few others; sadly, the smaller indy publishers need you to already have your team together, rather than be able to pair you with an artist.