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The Best Comic You Aren’t Reading – Oct. 8, 2008

October 9, 2008


I Kill Giants #4 (of 7)
by Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this mini-series Image is publishing: I Kill Giants. The story centers around Barbara, a fifth-grader who has problems many fifth graders do: she’s a social outcast; a school bully taunts her; her home is less than thrilling. Oh, and she kills giants.

This series is really impressive. Since we see the story all from Barbara’s imaginative perspective, there is a nice blend of “real” and “fantasy.” It reminds me of some of the great Amy Racecar moments in David Lapham’s Stray Bullets – but, you know, not quite as violent. The story also does a great job of beginning as a quirky, funny tale of a social misfit, and gradually unfolds into a touching, almost-heartbreaking look into how a young girl copes with the problems in her life. It really sneaks up on you, and I have to commend Joe Kelly with perhaps his best writing to-date. I highly recommend picking this up.