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Have you read the latest post at!?

January 14, 2008

Yes, that is a sentence you will never hear again.  I hate using the Google blog search because it only produces results like that.  For the most part, Google does a great job of being a sort of “one stop shop” for all sorts of basic Web functions.  Gmail has been great, and I really have to commend them on staying vigilant about the spam filter.  I have yet to have a single spam mail come through (knock on wood), though I have seen a marked increase in the number of spam mails being collected in the filter.  It bugs me, but I can live with it; I suppose the most frustrating thing about it is how helpless – at a certain point – I am to do anything to stop Julio21 (at) (just a name I made up) from sending out junk mail.  I’d love to be able to pull something off even remotely similar to the classic “scamming the Powerbook scammer” story.  That has got to be one the best acts of dispensing justice against spammers.  If you’ve never read the account, it’s a great story.