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I love being right

January 13, 2008

I couldn’t help but get all giggly when I read that Radiohead’s In Rainbows topped the charts this past week, despite literally allowing users to download the album for free months previously.  That’s impressive, because the billboard charts only include the sales generated from the CD that was sold and distributed in stores last week.  As a bonus, it’s nice knowing that those sales from the downloads and the ordered box sets essentially go straight to the band.  

I can’t wait for their US tour.  If ticket prices are comparable to what they are going for in Europe right now, then they will be pricey, but still worth it.  Hell, I paid $155 dollars for 2 tix to see them at Stone Mountain, and it was so frickin worth it.  (Actually, I sold my Ultimate Spiderman 1-10 issues to pay for them.  Sorry, Bendis; you’re super-cool, but not that super-cool).


It’s got a backbeat, you can’t lose it …

January 13, 2008

What started as a conversation about music with a friend grew into a long state of thinking, ending with the realization that I rarely listen to anything considered “contemporary” anymore.  When I come to this realization in other areas, I often debate on whether it is a reflection of me aging, or of a deteriorating state of things.  Or is it both?  But when it comes to music, I tend to think it is much more the latter (the quality of music declining).  Over the last ten years, the large majority of music I have purchased has been jazz albums, most recorded before 1960 (specifically between 1950-1960, a truly rich and amazing time in American music, jazz especially).  But excluding jazz, nearly everything else I have purchased has been only a handful of bands.  Hell, the last concert I went to was Radiohead, and the last concert before that one was the same band. 

Thief, Sinner, Downloader

January 1, 2008

The RIAA has reached a new low in their efforts to blame P2P file-sharing for their declining profits. Recently, they have made the argument that it is illegal to copy a CD you have purchased to your own computer (a summary of the events can be found in this Washington Post article, and numerous other places). It really makes me wonder when, if ever, will they realize they are not going to succeed in their attempts to invade privacy, prevent technological growth, and assume the role of dictator over the price, use, and distribution of music.

Radiohead’s In Rainbows

December 23, 2007

In Rainbows
In Rainbows

A few years ago, shortly after Amnesiac had been released and digested, I asked a friend of mine what he thought the next album would be like, and he said “I don’t know, but it will be important.” It was funny, but true. Somehow, Radiohead has managed to keep that assessment accurate again, and they’ve pulled off a feat that very few musicians pull off anymore: they keep making good albums.