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It’s got a backbeat, you can’t lose it …

January 13, 2008

What started as a conversation about music with a friend grew into a long state of thinking, ending with the realization that I rarely listen to anything considered “contemporary” anymore.  When I come to this realization in other areas, I often debate on whether it is a reflection of me aging, or of a deteriorating state of things.  Or is it both?  But when it comes to music, I tend to think it is much more the latter (the quality of music declining).  Over the last ten years, the large majority of music I have purchased has been jazz albums, most recorded before 1960 (specifically between 1950-1960, a truly rich and amazing time in American music, jazz especially).  But excluding jazz, nearly everything else I have purchased has been only a handful of bands.  Hell, the last concert I went to was Radiohead, and the last concert before that one was the same band.