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Vic Mackey’s Last Gleaming

November 25, 2008

fx_shield_800x600_wall011So The Shield is ending tonight, and I’m pretty excited to see how it is going to happen. I’ll admit, this season has not been anything like I thought it would play out. After last season’s finale, I expected Vic’s character to go in a completely opposite direction than this season; I suppose it was the optimist in me that wanted to see him go straight and take down large scale criminals, rather than become one – well, more than he already was. All in all, it has been pretty good. I still think last season was the best, and in fact was some of the finest television I have seen in a long time. The buildup in last season was different – it was structured on a layered and emotional tension; this season, however, is more like watching a train that has put its brakes on, but you know there is no way it is going to stop in time before it wrecks. But, it is precisely that kind of expectation that made me love The Shield in the first place. Still, I do wonder what the season would have been like had not the writer’s strike interfered; I’m not saying I’m disappointed with this season, by any means, but simply it isn’t quite as good as last season, maybe even the last 2-3 seasons; but it is still pretty damn good.